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Rashmi Varghese, India

Rashmi Varghese, India

I had two reasons to be extremely excited when I first got my hands on this book, firstly because I am on my maiden voyage to motherhood, and more so because this is written by a friend. And the excitement hasn't died down as yet because this book reveals how the process of becoming a mother in itself is nothing less than a mission our Creator sends each mother on. It helped me see pregnancy through a new dimension-God's eyes, and base this journey strongly on the Word and the promises within.

This book has been an enriching experience which talks about how supernatural pregnancy and childbirth is not just about a painless, discomfort-free 9 months, but of every aspect into which God speaks life into, where one is made to prepare for it by receiving divine guidance and promises towards the God ordained destiny of the baby. The author also talks about practical applications to harness the best out of the time at hand before the baby arrives. All in all, it's a beautifully crafted book, both inside and outside. It has blessed me much personally, and I'm sure you'll be blessed too!

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