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    The nine months of pregnancy more often than not conjure images of fear, anxiety, pain and suffering. But this is far from what God intended it to be.

    In ‘It’s Your Turn for a Beautiful Pregnancy’, Kim has interwoven the truth of God’s Word with her pregnancy, unveiling a new dimension of the miracle in the womb. The purpose of writing this book is to offer hope and healing, not through ‘happy talk’ philosophies, but through the solid footing of the living Word of God.

    As you read this book, your faith will be strengthened and you will understand God’s perspective of pregnancy outlined in His Word, rather than hearsay.

    This book will answer TEN most crucial questions:

    1. What is God seeking from our marriage?
    2. Are we prepared for pregnancy?
    3. How to have a beautiful pregnancy?
    4. How to win the mind-warfare?
    5. How to take authority over emotions?
    6. How to deal with common pregnancy issues?
    7. How to manage finances with the birth of a child?
    8. How to use the power of words and visions?
    9. Are children a burden?
    10. Can barrenness be overcome?

    It’s now your turn for a beautiful pregnancy!

  • About Kim D'Souza


    Edifying and encouraging people in their walk with Jesus is one of Kim’s major ministerial calling. As a speaker and author, her passion is to stir up the love for Jesus in the hearts of people.
    Along with her husband Derrick, she is the founder of Pursue Him International, a ministry of the Holy Spirit to raise relentless Jesus Lovers who pursue Him for who He is.
    In the free time that Kim gets from being a full time mother to two adorable kids, she loves to try her hand at graphic designing, photography and cooking.
    Kim also serves as an editor with Revive Nations.
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    I am 8 months pregnant. As I was having many problems in my life, I was very worried and often neglected my food. I was getting bad thoughts and was had fear about my baby that he should not have any problem and also that I should get normal delivery. But after reading this book, I was filled with so much joy knowing the beautiful plans that God has for my child. My child is God's gift and I am no longer scared about my delivery. Praise Jesus

    Presilla, India

    This book is a well-written interesting documentation of Kims journey of faith through pregnancy that will inspire young women to experience profound peace during difficult phases of their lives. The promises of the new covenant can be extended in grace to build every aspect of a womans life. Women! Celebrate the new life in Christ!!

    Dr. Lilian John, India

    There are lot of points that touched me like maintaining a blessing book, role of wives and mothers, key to managing emotions, yielding to the voice of the Holy Spirit, power of praying in tongues and financial provision for every child etc.

    Angeline Chetttiar, India

    I was really touched by the chapter on managing emotions and dealing with fear. God. I also like the chapter where Kim speaks about menstruation cycle in women. God reminded me of each one of us is so fearfully and wonderfully made by God and how much thankful we need to be.

    Cheryl Fernandes, India

    It is a well written book and I like the way Kim has given testimonies from her life and related it to the word of God.

    Sarah Sumithra, India

    This book is a must read! The principles mentioned in the book can be applied by every believer in his life, and not just pregnant women. To God be all the glory!

    K. Pawar, India

    I wish someone had given this book to me before my first child was born. This book really ministered to me.

    C. Singh, India


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