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    The nine months of pregnancy more often than not conjure images of fear, anxiety, pain and suffering. But this is far from what God intended it to be.

    In ‘It’s Your Turn for a Beautiful Pregnancy’, Kim has interwoven the truth of God’s Word with her pregnancy, unveiling a new dimension of the miracle in the womb. The purpose of writing this book is to offer hope and healing, not through ‘happy talk’ philosophies, but through the solid footing of the living Word of God.

    As you read this book, your faith will be strengthened and you will understand God’s perspective of pregnancy outlined in His Word, rather than hearsay.

    This book will answer TEN most crucial questions:

    1. What is God seeking from our marriage?
    2. Are we prepared for pregnancy?
    3. How to have a beautiful pregnancy?
    4. How to win the mind-warfare?
    5. How to take authority over emotions?
    6. How to deal with common pregnancy issues?
    7. How to manage finances with the birth of a child?
    8. How to use the power of words and visions?
    9. Are children a burden?
    10. Can barrenness be overcome?

    It’s now your turn for a beautiful pregnancy!

  • About Kim D'Souza


    Edifying and encouraging people in their walk with Jesus is one of Kim’s major ministerial calling. As a speaker and author, her passion is to stir up the love for Jesus in the hearts of people.
    Along with her husband Derrick, she is the founder of Pursue Him International, a ministry of the Holy Spirit to raise relentless Jesus Lovers who pursue Him for who He is.
    In the free time that Kim gets from being a full time mother to two adorable kids, she loves to try her hand at graphic designing, photography and cooking.
    Kim also serves as an editor with Revive Nations.
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    The author Kim Dsouza is a very accomplished editor who is spirit filled and has an anointing to encourage and lead others in a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit. The book has so many creative insights helping mothers to-be and married women and people from all walks of life on how to deal with different challenges and pursuing God's plan for their lives.

    Charmaine Pinto, India

    It is a very good book especially for pregnant women because it clearly describes the anxieties and fears a woman goes through and how she can overcome them through the power of God. The prayer and faith declarations mentioned in the book for pregnant women are very powerful. This book indeed helps a woman to have hope during barren times and wait on God in expectation to have a beautiful pregnancy.

    Lumina Cleophas David, India

    This book is really good. What I took away from this book was the power of words. How positive declarations can bring positives in our lives. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this book with me. Will you be writing a sequel too?

    Priscilla Dsouza, Malaysia

    I had two reasons to be extremely excited when I first got my hands on this book, firstly because I am on my maiden voyage to motherhood, and more so because this is written by a friend. And the excitement hasn't died down as yet because this book reveals how the process of becoming a mother in itself is nothing less than a mission our Creator sends each mother on. It helped me see pregnancy through a new dimension-God's eyes, and base this journey strongly on the Word and the promises within.

    This book has been an enriching experience which talks about how supernatural pregnancy and childbirth is not just about a painless, discomfort-free 9 months, but of every aspect into which God speaks life into, where one is made to prepare for it by receiving divine guidance and promises towards the God ordained destiny of the baby. The author also talks about practical applications to harness the best out of the time at hand before the baby arrives. All in all, it's a beautifully crafted book, both inside and outside. It has blessed me much personally, and I'm sure you'll be blessed too!

    Rashmi Varghese, India

    This is my first child. I am due in the month of March 2014. I used to feel very nervous about my delivery.This book has helped me a lot in this area. I have read the book from cover to cover three times already. Whenever I feel nervous I read chapter 7 of the book. You may laugh at it, but I don't know how many times I have read that chapter. I feel confident now.

    Lohita, India

    I am normally a poor reader, but when I began reading this book, I finished it in two days! It is a very well written book and truly inspiring.

    Philomena Trussler, India

    It is a beautiful book apt for young women truly inspired by God!

    Ann, India


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