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    The nine months of pregnancy more often than not conjure images of fear, anxiety, pain and suffering. But this is far from what God intended it to be.

    In ‘It’s Your Turn for a Beautiful Pregnancy’, Kim has interwoven the truth of God’s Word with her pregnancy, unveiling a new dimension of the miracle in the womb. The purpose of writing this book is to offer hope and healing, not through ‘happy talk’ philosophies, but through the solid footing of the living Word of God.

    As you read this book, your faith will be strengthened and you will understand God’s perspective of pregnancy outlined in His Word, rather than hearsay.

    This book will answer TEN most crucial questions:

    1. What is God seeking from our marriage?
    2. Are we prepared for pregnancy?
    3. How to have a beautiful pregnancy?
    4. How to win the mind-warfare?
    5. How to take authority over emotions?
    6. How to deal with common pregnancy issues?
    7. How to manage finances with the birth of a child?
    8. How to use the power of words and visions?
    9. Are children a burden?
    10. Can barrenness be overcome?

    It’s now your turn for a beautiful pregnancy!

  • About Kim D'Souza


    Edifying and encouraging people in their walk with Jesus is one of Kim’s major ministerial calling. As a speaker and author, her passion is to stir up the love for Jesus in the hearts of people.
    Along with her husband Derrick, she is the founder of Pursue Him International, a ministry of the Holy Spirit to raise relentless Jesus Lovers who pursue Him for who He is.
    In the free time that Kim gets from being a full time mother to two adorable kids, she loves to try her hand at graphic designing, photography and cooking.
    Kim also serves as an editor with Revive Nations.
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    Wonderful read. I am sure that this reading experience will help me when God plans to bless me with pregnancy :) To be frank, I cant wait to be pregnant :)

    One important point that stuck me from last Sunday's message at our church is this: Babies were killed when devil was afraid of Moses. Babies were killed when devil was afraid of Jesus. Babies are killed now through abortions worldwide because the devil is afraid of true Christians. Devil will do anything to make sure that there are no more preachers like Kathryn Kuhlman, Billy Graham, Benny Hinn etc. So we should be willing to do anything to raise up a generation that serves God more and more.

    Diana, United States of America

    It is with much joy that I introduce this book to you. Kim DSouza has been one of the committed and fine writers I have come across the Christian community in India. This book is more than just knowledge, the DSouzas have lived these pages through their lives. This book will not only equip you, but fill your heart with courage to raise a godly generation through your marriage. If you ever plan to getting married, don't miss reading this book!

    Rev. Shyju Mathew ( Revive Nations), Canada

    "It's your turn for a beautiful pregnancy" will prove to be a great blessing to all who read it. Kim has put into one book all that genuine seekers need to know concerning a beautiful pregnancy. She has explained this in a unique way and has communicated in simplicity how pregnancy can be enjoyable. Without a doubt this book brings clarity on God's plan and purpose for a beautiful pregnancy.

    God's word and practical steps are well synchronized here in order to give us a clear picture about pregnancy.The practical wisdom in this book will help you discover God's awesome will for your beautiful pregnancy and motherhood to carry out with passion. With great insight this book will lead you to a place of understanding in being fruitful for His Glory.

    Pastor Nima Wilson, Malaysia

    I was really blessed to read this book and enjoyed reading every page. The word pregnancy had always brought fear, anxiety and a whole lot of questions to my mind. There were so many common concerns, fears and worries that the author and I shared. But I praise God that I got a chance to read this resource before I could get pregnant. All my misconceptions got cleared and I realized how these can be addressed by applying the Word of God. I now look forward to my beautiful pregnancy!

    I am sure that this book will bring a change in the mindset of women who are getting ready for the gift of children. This book should be read by every newly married couple so that they can avoid the mistakes that the world makes. Thanks Kim for writing this wonderful book.

    Saba Kumar, India

    I got this book when I was going through a difficult phase in my life and was desperately seeking an answer from God. He speaks to us through different ways and for me He spoke through this book. Chapter by chapter as I was led to read, God was speaking, teaching and correcting me. I thank and praise God that He chose Kim for this work and that she was obedient to His call.

    This book has instilled confidence in me. God also set me free from the fear of labour pains. I look forward to my time of beautiful pregnancy. Thank you Kim. Love you Jesus!

    Ruta Miller, India

    It is a fantastic book. There are many scriptures to stand on mentioned in the book. I liked the part about painless delivery and your own story about overcoming fear. All the scriptures for pregnancy are in one place as a ready reckoner. Your book is like a guide, the Bible being the text book.

    Sonia Dsouza, India

    I remember my pregnancy days when I was alone and I had so many fears and there was no one to guide me. This book is like a lamp to all married couples and would be mothers.

    Lucy Monterio, India


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